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How To Care For Your Azaleas


Where to plant-

Traditional azaleas are a great option for your shade loving garden. They are a favorite plant to many home-owners! When choosing the right location for your new azalea, look for an area that only receives 2-4 hours of MORNING SUN. While the tags of most Azaleas say "part sun," afternoon sun is typically too hot for azaleas and will cause damage. 

How to plant-

When planting your new azalea, be sure that you have dug your hole larger than the root ball size. When removing your...

How to Water your New Trees and Shrubs

Watering your new trees and shrubs is crucial to keeping them alive! The first 6 weeks are the most critical. Many people make the mistake and OVERWATER their plants. We want to help you avoid doing that. 

After your new plant is in the ground, give it a good and heavy drink with a hose. The next day, do the same. This insures that it has been watered in properly. On the days following, (on average) you want to try to water every 3-4 days or so. This should average about 1-2 days a week for the first couple of months. Keep in mind,...

How to Plant a B&B Tree or Shrub

How to plant a Ball and Burlap Tree or Shrub

The first step to planting any plant is to dig the hole. When doing this, be sure to dig the hole at least a few inches larger than the root ball itself. Be sure to dig your hole the correct depth. If you dig the hole too deep, you risk the tree settling deeper than it should. After you set you plant in the hole, you want to be sure to remove all materials from the top 1/3 of the root ball. This includes wire, rope and burlap. Be sure that there is NO ROPE tied around the trunk of the tree...